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Yamaha Big Wheel 80 parts
« le: Jeudi 23/01/2014 17:38:31 »
Hi everybody,

Since two weeks I´m can call my self also a owner of a Yamaha BW80.
Its a very nice one from 1990. But I have some spare parts for sale.
I don´t know if there are people here with BW80´s, but I have a rear swingarm and a gastank for sale.
I also have a PW80 for sale with US Title. My idea was to rebuild the pw to a bw with the spare parts I bought in the USA,
but then that other BW80 called me. Maybe people are interested in this project. You just have to swap some parts and you have a BW80.
People who are interested, please mail me.



My own new Big Wheel 80

And this are the parts:

And of course the PW: